Thursday, 6 December 2012

Now: Love is a biological necessity, a force operating to one degree or another in all biological life. Without love there is no physical commitment to life - no psychic hold. -- Seth

By referencing the below paragraphs from the Seth book does not imply that this is the only expression of love that I believe to be valid and true. The act of defining in specific terms of what love is, or what it should be, loses the meaning. It is all encompassing, and not something must be followed or learnt from others who profess to know better. For if you have not experienced it, it would be difficult to understand what it means to you individually. 

Love is a state, however seemingly transient or lasting, minor or profound, it alters your experience in that moment to the possibility of something greater, surpassing the mundane.  It cannot be strictly interpreted by the intellect, and certainly cannot be easily translated into words or a language. It touches the deeper realm of emotions. Very simply, it creates. It encourages life force and creativity to spring free, bringing you closer to your unrealised potential. 

To love and be loved are no longer two opposite ends on the polarity, they are two of the same thing. 

"Some people are naturally solitary. They want to live lone lives, and are content. Most, however, have a need for enduring, close relationships. These provide both a psychic and social framework for personal growth, understanding, and development. It is an easy enough matter to shout to the skies: "I love me fellow men," when on the other hand you form no strong, enduring relationships with others. It is easy to claim an equal love for all members of the species, but love itself requires an understanding that at your level of activity is based upon intimate experience. You cannot love someone you do not know - not unless you water down the definition of love so much that it becomes meaningless.

To love someone, you must appreciate how that person differs from yourself and from others. You must hold that person in mind so that to some extent love is a kind of meditation - a loving focus upon another individual. Once you experience that kind of love you can translate it into other terms. the love itself spreads out, expands, so that you can then see others in love's light.

Love is naturally creative and explorative - that is, you want to creatively explore the aspects of the beloved one. Even characteristics that would otherwise appear as faults attain a certain loving significance. They are accepted - seen, and yet they make no difference. Because these are still attributes of the beloved one, even the seeming faults are redeemed. The beloved attains prominence over all others.

The span of a god's love can perhaps equally hold within its vision the existence of all individuals at one time in an infinite loving glance that beholds each person, seeing each with all his or her peculiar characteristics and tendencies. Such a god's glance would delight in each person's difference from each other person. This would not be a blanket love, a soupy porridge of a glance in which individuality melted, but a love based on full understanding of each individual. The emotion of love brings you closest to an understanding of the nature of All That Is. Love incites dedication, commitment. It specifies. You cannot, therefore, honestly insist that you love humanity and all people equally if you do not love one other person. If you do not love yourself, it is quite difficult to love another."

-- Excerpt from The Nature of Psyche. A Human Expression. A Seth Book

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

You create your experience through your beliefs about yourself and the nature of reality -- Seth

Now: Ruburt also saw that he believed he had to justify his existence through his writing. This because he did not trust the basic right of his being as it existed, and does, in space and time. These old beliefs had not caught up to his newer ones.

The same artificial need to vindicate being is present in many of my readers, and various core beliefs may be built up to hide this inner insecurity. You may "justify your life" by biological creativity, and then latch onto your children and never want to let them go. You may use your career instead. But in all cases you must come to grips with such unnecessary ideas, face the reality of your creaturehood, and see that you certainly have as much of a place in the universe as a squirrel, an ant or a leaf. You do not question their right to exist. Why question your own?

-- Excerpt from The Nature of Personal Reality. A Seth Book.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

What they had in common was a sense of courage, to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. -- Brene Brown

Indeed, clarity did present itself as soon as Venus finished its transit through my 4th house. 

What does being vulnerable really mean? As Brene Brown suggested, perhaps it is different things to different people, but ultimately it is about leaving yourself exposed, heart open. 

Sure, it can be painful especially if we were not initially met by welcoming responses and experiences, or if we seek for reassurance or validation of our own selves from others. This is because other people also do not truly know or fully accept of themselves. 

Therefore, before we can expect others to reflect the world of our own perfections, we need to learn to be honest with ourselves, and completely love and accept all that we are. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The time of Fable is over, the time of History has begun. -- Josephine

Until recently, I had never learnt to truly appreciate the value of history. The present beholds happiness, and the future promises infinite possibilities, what is the purpose of examining and dwelling on things that have already occurred? So I believed.

Random events that happened in the past few weeks however gave me a window to look into my own past, an opportunity to look into my own long forgotten history. As I sought for meanings and answers, again, astrology does not disappoint me. This occurring is coincidental to Venus (which configures prominently in my chart) transiting through the 4th house, which amongst other things, represents our roots, earlier conditionings and the past. In a sense, with Venus illuminating that particular area of life, it evoked more of the deeper emotional patterns and unconscious responses to surface into awareness, hence offering better integration into the psyche. Although at first uncomfortable, I could not resist what had been asked of me hence decidedly putting myself under the microscope. 

The finding, perhaps surprisingly, brought out that some of my present behavioural patterns, and most importantly values, are still in consistency with those that I had held a long time ago. The understanding of the norm is that people change, as we encounter roadblocks and adapt to circumstances, we learn and we grow and we become different. But maybe there are parts of us which prevail relentlessly constant. So should I congratulate myself for staying true to the core of who I am, or are there repeatable lessons still to come until I get it 'right'? To what extent can we allow ourselves to be changed yet remaining authentic and true? 

So the past does come back to haunt us. Time is not as linear as I had imagined; past, present and future are multi dimensioned and inter-layered in such a way that they continue to influence one and another. This brings to mind what George Orwell had once said, 'Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.'

Any consequences resulted from decisions made in the past are irreversible and irrevocable. So what exactly are we supposed to learn? What does history really teach us?

Perhaps because Venus has not finished gracing through my 4th house, although a lot of reevaluations are undertaken, I do not yet have an answer. Buoyantly hopeful however, clarity will eventually present itself.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Everything has been figured out, except how to live. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

I have always wondered, we have been taught various important subjects such as maths, sciences and languages at school, why is there not a subject taught on life empowerment or creating the life you desire? 

Life perhaps is the biggest lesson of all in itself. Although I agree that it is not a formulae, and there may not be one fundamental that applies to all, there are some underlying themes which connect us and are universal. For example, the empathy for pain and the yearning for acceptance and love. And there are qualities that we all value such as honesty, integrity or bravery.

So, I wonder, would my life have been drastically different to now if I had been encouraged to discover myself at a young age? Would I have been able to prevent or avoid some of the pitfalls encountered if I had been exposed to these teachings from early on? 

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Coincidentally, what I have become to realise is that the more conscious you become of yourself, the more awareness you gain towards the divine pattern in life. 

This seems contradictory at a glance. What comes with knowledge and consciousness should be enlightenment and free will, the better ability to perceive choices which lead to greater discernment. But at the same time, it also opens up the cognisance and insight into the inevitable, the inescapable, the destiny, which we must follow. Does true separation exist between one and another? Although we remain as seemingly distinct individuals, yet our lives with others are intertwined. The most wonderful analogy I have come across is to imagine yourself as a strand in a knitted jumper, if we pull on any other strand, we are also affected. Hence, the inconclusive debate that has perplexed so many philosophers, fate vs. free will. 

What has inspired (caused) me to write this is the unforgettable experience as a volunteer today at the Reach program, Heroes Day The whole day workshops helped Year 9 students to break down facade, remove barriers, and allow a glimpse of their true inner selves to shine through to others as well as to themselves. The objective is to teach the students not to be identified with just the exteriors or the ego self, but to find out who they truly are. 

The journey of a hero (or heroine), as the name suggests, is never an easy one. There must be obstacles and challenges along the way to help him or her to reveal the courage, faith and strength inside themselves to finally overcome the impossibles. This is perhaps why we love to champion the underdogs and prefer a come back story than an effortless victory.

In his book The Magic Thread, astrologer Richard Idemon differentiates the Hero from all the rest as one who girds the sword and goes out and says, "I challenge my life." He or she must journey through the underground, slay the dragon, in order to rise back up. And often, what we meet to confront is the inner 'demons', our preconceptions which no longer serve our higher purpose.

This person who is able to acknowledge and integrate different parts within themselves, Richard calls him or her the twice born. If I may, I'd like to take this further. It is a constant and ongoing process of 'tearing down' and rebuild. Continuing adjustments and alignments is required for procreation and balance as life itself is cyclical. 

Coming back to my earlier question, is it therefore possible to access only pleasure and bypass pain if we had acquired this understanding? 

Light cannot exist without darkness. Similarly, true joy may never be uncovered if pain has not been accepted or released. These are all assets given to the Hero on the journey of becoming.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. -- Carl Gustav Jung

Dreams intrigue me. I am endlessly fascinated by them. 

Dream interpretation has always been an integral and notable component of psychoanalysis. Both Jung and Freud practised it extensively in their dealings with patients, for I recommend Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections and Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams. These books are excellent resources towards understanding principals and works by the two masters of psychology, even though I am ashamed to admit that I have yet made an attempt to finish them.

Dreams are messages put forward by our subconscious mind after we quiet down from all the noises and activities during the day. This is when we become most receptive and open to the subconscious and unconscious. Understanding dreams can be of great assistance towards tapping into the past, present and future as well as understanding our own personality makeup and development. Some may argue, but what I have come to realise is that the literal translation of dream symbols is only secondary. We should be paying attention to how we feel during and after the dreams, whether it is exhilarating, entertaining or exasperating, or all of the mentioned emotions combined. 

For one who has a rich imagination such as me, you can only envy the sort of adventures I embark upon in a dream state. So here is a snippet of the dream I had lately:

Day 1

 Day 2

What are your thoughts on interpreting this dream?

Two of my friends have kindly offered their interpretations on what it could mean:

1. Path to higher spiritual evolution and understanding

2. Silence is gold


OK. Perhaps not every dream must mean something, but for me, the fun is sometimes in the pondering. 

After some moments of deliberation, indecision hence reaching no conclusion, all of a sudden, it had occurred to me. Maybe what I can take away from this dream is the message of learning to TRUST. 

We don't always know what is happening around us or where we are going in life, but we can learn not to be afraid of the unknown.  We may not be clear on the how and why and what at certain points during the stage of our development, but it is OKAY to not to know everything. Eventually, the veil will be lifted, the answers will be revealed and the necessary guidance will be delivered to help us make our way forward. All in good time.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. -- Buddha

Hello Blog, long time no see. 

I have been away, and that is because a few months back I had decided it was time for me to walk the talk, meaning, putting the fundamental values and knowledge I have gathered into place, and into action. And we all know, this presents a challenge as it is always easier said than done. So as I commit (sometimes hesitantly) myself to this ongoing process of self mastery, the biggest and the most rewarding lesson so far has been learning to love and accept myself for all that I am. Despite and including the imperfections.